• Conical silver dreidel
  • Silver and wood Channukiah
Part of Mila's modern style is to play with the conventional designs and ritual traditions to create exquisite pieces. This is no truer than with her Channukah lamps and dreidels. Mila has taken the traditional shape of the Channukiah and abstracted it in many different ways over the years. Mila's trademark is conical dreidels, choosing to place the hebrew letters on top.


As well as ritualware, Mila has designed smaller, elegant pieces of jewellery. Mila has made religious jewellery using Star of David and 'Chai' motifs, including necklaces, bracelets and cufflinks. Mila has also modernised Jewish marriage rings – traditionally in the shape of houses – playing with both their shape and their meaning.

Mila has also made individual pieces of personal secular jewellery upon request.


Mila has created many Kiddush items over the years, from complete Shabbat sets to personalised Kiddush goblets. Her work has made for beautiful Bar/Bat Mitzvah and marriage gifts.

Mila's ruby and silver conical goblet (pictured) was awarded first prize in the Judaica 21 annual competition, based on the biblical quote that 'a woman's worth is far above rubies’.


Mila's trademark Mezuzot incorporate a 'shin' motif, standing for the Shema passage contained within. However, Mila has created bespoke pieces for individual commissions, including one incorporating fir branches to reflect the trees at the front of the house and one made from stainless steel square tubing for a house by the sea, to capture the modern setting without rusting.


Mila has made several seder plates over the years that incorporate different metals, glass and wood.


Mila has created countless Tallit clips over the years, using designs that incorporate specific Torah portions relevant to the wearer. She has experimented with enamel, gold plating and set stones to produce her designs. Mila also has several original designs that can be purchased through her online store, that employ Star of David and Menorah motifs.


Mila has created ritual ware for many synagogues across the globe. She has provided original Torah adornments, including rimmonim, Torah shield and Yad. For Bnei Mitzvah, Mila has customised the designs of her Yad to reflect the contents of the Torah portion being read, as she has done for other ritual ware.

Other pieces

Mila has produced many other pieces of both religious and secular use over the years, including travel sets, goblets, Yarzheit candles and recently high-end Christmas decorations. In the past, Mila has created many items of silverware including trophies and tableware, as well as high-end corporate gifts and awards.

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All photos © Mila Tanya Griebel 2019